ACESKILLS offers a wide range of customized courses in Business, General, Academic English, Theory and Practice of Language Teaching and Learning, Intercultural Awareness and Communication.

We aim to develop the skills and competences which professionals need to communicate effectively across cultures and succeed in working or studying internationally. We also develop and improve English Language teachers’ professional skills to help them perform effectively in the classroom.

We provide intensive, extensive individual, and on-demand group courses at client locations. The programmes are done by face-to-face learning. Also distance and online learning is available.

Our clients are small businesses, companies, further and higher education institutions, private schools etc.

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Teaching EFL: A Practical Intensive Course-Guide to Successful Teaching”

July 14-18, 2014

at Kamyanets-Podilsky Ivan Ohienko National University

The quotes below show a selection of comments passed on by our participants from TESOL-UKRAINE SUMMER INSTITUTE:

«Dear Tatyana and Julia,
Thank you very much for the course, it was very well organized and informative. The location was wonderful, the rooms spacious and comfortable, the time schedule flexible. Julia’s classroom management is excellent, all the participants could move around, change rooms and places, were actively involved into the activities and discussions.
I think the course met the needs of all teachers as it covered the main areas and aspects of teaching English. Personally, I found the most helpful the following:
— a systematic overview of some theoretical aspects (methodology, terminology, teaching content, lesson planning) done in accordance with the international standards;
— student-centered techniques and activities, which are the most efficient in modern teaching context;
— practical tasks and methods of checking that facilitated the process of training;
— “real-life experience” that Julia integrated into her course and which accounts to a considerable degree for its uniqueness;
— materials and resources, carefully selected and generously shared.
I enjoyed a very friendly atmosphere that you created and a highly professional approach.
Julia, you are an inborn teacher, charismatic and gifted, and I wish you all the best, in your career and in your family life.
Tatyana, thank you for a very warm and cordial welcome, and perfect organization. It’s really great what you are doing in Crimea»

«Dear Julia!
I am very much obliged to you for lots of useful knowledge i got there. Everything was first-rate and well planned! I got to know many terms in methodology and many other things! You opened a new door of lesson -planning opposite me! Having come home i have a desire to start planning my future lessons just now. I will change my approaches and style of work and hope that my students will appreciate it greatly! Hope that it is not our first and last meeting looking forward to another meeting and fruitful collaboration! So Dear Julia, thank you ever so much for all you taught us! The atmosphere of the lessons was friendly and very pleasant so I will keep all sweet memories about this event in my heart!»

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