Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Aim of the course

The course is aimed at developing and improving the skills of applying for a job worldwide  including writing a CV and a covering letter, self presentation and a job interview skills in English. Much attention is paid to the use of English language within the topic and the non-verbial behavour.

The course will benefit anyone who is looking for a job worldwide and wants to improve the chances of being successful at a job interview.

During the course the students are preparing their CVs and  covering letters that are  carefully checked by the trainer taking into account the participants’ proffession and the world standards of CV writing.

Recommended entry level — pre-intermediate and above.

Course Duration — 10-12 hours

The course may be adapted to any group of students and their objectives. It can be more language focused or procedure and content focused.

Brief content of the course

  1. Looking for a job worldwide: how and where?
  2. Effective CV in English
  3. A covering letter in English
  4. Applying for a job procedure
  5. Job interview and self-presentation
  6. Useful language at a job interview



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