Life and Work in the UK

Lingvo-cultural course ‘Life and Work in the UK’

Aim of the course

The course is aimed at broadening the participants’ knowledge of life in the UK, developing   communicative behavioural patterns characteristic of English-speaking cultures,  raising awareness of different kinds of cultural realia and style of life.

The course will benefit those who want to move and work in the UK as well as the teachers of English as a foreign language and the students who learn English.

Recommended entry level is pre-intermediate (CEF B1) and above.

Course Duration — 12 hours

The course can be adapted  to fit the group specific learning style, needs and availability.

Brief content of the course

1. Life in the UK Module 1:

  • Travelling (visa, transport, buying tickets, driving, obtaining a driving licence).
  • Property (types of property, prices, buying/selling procedure, mortgages).
  • Shopping (shops, sales, types of shopping in the UK, the best Internet shopping, ways to pay less and buy more).

2. Life in the UK Module 2:

  • Education  (nurseries, schools, colleges, Universities)
  • Healthcare.
  • Accents and Dialects.

3. Life and Work in the UK Module 3:

  • Setting up your own business, taxes, running a business in the UK.
  • Banks and banking in the UK


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