Theory and Practice of Teaching General/Business/Academic English

Aim of the Course

The course is aimed at developing teaching skills and raising the teachers’ awareness about the main components of the teching/learning process.

The course will benefit experienced and practicing teachers of English as a foreign language who want to broaden their knowledge within the field.

Course duration — 10-12 hours

Recommended entry level of English — advanced

Brief content of the course

  1. Participants of the teching/learning process: teacher, students, context.
  2. Motivation (types of motivation, ways to raise the students’ and the teachers’ motivation)
  3. Pedagogical, philosophical and psycological fundamentals of teaching
  4. Needs analysis and syllabus design.
  5. Methods, approaches and techniques.
  6. Effective lesson planning and the teacher’s time management techniques
  7. Materials.
  8. Intercultural phenomena.


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